Saturday, 29 September 2012

The £3,000,000 mountain

So today I wandered up and down the Ben for West Coast Mountaineering.  The clients were raising money to get an electric wheelchair for one of their sons, Tom, who is suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.  The effort they put in today really impressed me and then they mentioned how much they managed to raise: a whopping £17,000.
Working on the walk you sometimes forget what it's about for the clients and the amount of effort they have put in just to get to the actual day of the walk.  So it got me thinking, as you do when you're plodding along in your own wee world.  My guesstimate would put a 1,000+ people on the Ben today, most of which were raising money for various charities.  If each person managed to raise the same as my party, a staggering £3,000,000 could have been raised for charity today from one great mountain.
An incredible achievement by all those involved today.  Special mention to my company for the day: Andrea, Jason, John, Gethin and other John

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