Sunday, 4 November 2012

Despo rate

Today was my last day of three with Deirdre and Martin King on their wee trip to El Chorro for a bit of bolt clipping and the weather again wasn't making life easy.  We made our way into Poema Cave to climb the friendlier graded climbs hoping the overhanging nature of the buttress would have kept them dry.

threatening clouds over El Chorro
Unfortunately, this was not to be as we got showered from the seeping tuffas and made a quick return to the car to chance a trip to Buena Sombre, Desplomilandia (Despo).  This is a high quality crag with lots of three star routes with a grade range from F5+ to F8a+.  After a couple of goes on the F5+ we moved onto Sin mantenimiento F6a, which gave us the opportunity to look at techniques for overhaning rock. Looking specifically at efficient movement, reading moves and using centre of gravity, both Martin and Deirdre came away with a greater understanding and enjoyment of overhanging climbing and a good workout before their trip back to the UK.

Martin on Escombros
With such a short trip for Deirdre and Martin I was desperate to get the most out of their time in the region and although the weather has limited the choices on offer the variety and accessibility of the cragging has enabled us to spend the weekend covering slab climbing at Valle de Abdalajis, Via Ferrata and abseiling on the Camino del Rey and some vertical and overhanging climbing at Despo.  
When coaching and instructing clients I aim to challenge them and to use these challenges to help them improve technically and psychologically and therefore enjoy and accept that if it's hard it's a great way to learn.  Having had to deal with the challenge of the weather over the past few days was not how I wanted to start guiding in Spain but it has been an invaluable experience.  
With a few days off now I have a bit of time to get settled at the Olive Branch and to challenge myself on the rock.   

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