Sunday, 11 November 2012

El Chorro plan b

So the weather has still not been the best over the past few days so we had to start looking at all the various things you can do to make the most of the place.  Shopping and sorting out all the wee bits and pieces that you keep putting off finally got done.  Finding lots of signs with my name on it became very important too.  It's like ironing underwear during exam study time:  there's no need for it but it suddenly becomes of utmost importance.

I feel appreciated
Luckily there are other wet weather alternatives and, Spain being Spain, when the rain stops there are crags that dry very quickly.  The perma-dry bouldering cave keeps the strength and stamina up and is a nice wee spot to hang-out for the day.

Charly crushing!

Yesterday was the first sunny, dry day in a while and gave me the chance to get moving again on the rock.  Suffering from the cold at the minute I just fancied getting mileage in and looking at potential multi-pitches to use with clients. I was joined by Mette and we made our way to Sector Austria for the day, with lots of friendly graded routes from two to four pitches.  We managed to get ten pitches of climbing in including the classic Valentine's Day.  It's a great sector with grades from F4 - F6c and just a few metres to walk from one to the next.  An excellent spot to get the body and brain into climbing mode again.

Mette on Valentines Day

Abbing off at the end of the day

Beautiful cloud formations (lenticular clouds) on the walk out



  1. Hi, I'd like to ask you - is possible to abseil down from Valentines Day only with single 70m ropes? Thanks, Michal

  2. Hi Michal,

    you can get back down on 70s. there are enough ab stations to get you down.