Sunday, 4 November 2012

Return of the Kings

So the move to Spain has been made easy with both good and bad fortune.  Good fortune - Having shadowed Silvi Fitzpatrick on the Camino del Rey for a day I got straight into some work for the weekend.  Working with Deirdre and Martin King on a Rock Climbing course in El Chorro.

Deirdre and Martin on Camino del Rey
We spent a half day at Valle de Abdalajis just getting some mileage in before the weekends rain came in (bad fortune).  As their only here for the weekend the weather has not played fair so we took advantage of the other attractions in the area by spending yesterday on the Camino del Rey (King's walkway), a makeshift via ferrata through a gorge with a wee scramble/climb to get out at the other end.  

Martin on-ish Camino del Rey
Considering the damp weather we managed to get a full day out on the walkway including a wee scramble and an abseil down one of the climbs.  Having spent the last few years climbing in El Chorro I have looked at  the area in a different manner on this trip.  Looking for the best learning opportunities for clients and putting together interesting and challenging days out that will help them develop and get the most out of what the area has to offer has helped me get to know the place in a different light and appreciate all the opportunities that are on offer.
Holding on for dear life.  Camino del Rey

Today we will be taking advantage of one of the caves in the area with some more amenable climbing which, fingers crossed, should have remained dry.  With two appropriate climbs we will have an opportunity to look at top roping, simulated leading, leading.... and enjoy the beautiful lakeside location.
More bad fortune - my tent is soaking.

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